Welcome To Decor For The Outdoors

Hi – my name is Brett, and I have been involved in the landscape design business for the past two decades.
This website is about sharing some of the knowledge that I have acquired over the past 20 years in an easily understood way that you can take away from here and apply to your own place.

Under each category there are numerous images of garden decor demonstrating the different ways and ideas you can use outdoor decor


What is outdoor decor?


Outdoor decor are points of interest within your garden that can really lift your garden and take it from the ordinary to something spectacular. Choosing garden accents is a very personal experience with items readily available to cover all styles and tastes. If used correctly, almost any accent will look good in a garden, it’s just about knowing what works well in which position, which is what you’ll learn in this site.

As you see from below there are many different types of garden accents available, click on the images below to find out more about the different ways that garden decor can be used to enhance and add style to your own garden .


Garden Bridges


Garden bridges have many uses within the home landscape. Used in the correct way, bridges can make your yard a more enjoyable and interesting place.

Traditionally a bridge was used to span a river or a inaccessible area like a ravine or boggy area. In the home environment most people don’t have these sort of obstacles to overcome so we tend to use bridges a bit differently.

One of the main ways I use bridges is as a transition point from one area to another. This could be a point of entry from a patio to a lawn area, for example.
As well as the above, the different ways you can use a bridge have been listed below so check it out and if you see an idea you like, why not use it in your own place?

Create the Illusion of Water

Use a Wooden Walkway to span a Boggy Garden Area

Use a Plank Bridge to define a Entranceway

As a Transition From One Part of the Garden to Another

Crossing a Stream

Use a Garden Bridge to Cross a Pond

Staggering a Wooden Garden Bridge Creates Interest

Simple Garden Bridges can be Effective