Garden Wall Art & Outdoor Wall Decor


Arbors are a fantastic way to add a bit of style and structure to your garden.
As you read on you will see that garden arbors come in a wide range of styles and materials as well as perform a wide variety of functions.
What I would like to achieve from this section is give you enough information so you feel confident that the arbor you have chosen will look good and achieve the purpose for which you are buying it. Below, like most of the other pages, I have provided some examples and ideas on how myself and others have used arbors within the garden setting.

Provide Shade

Garden Arbors Help Divide up a Garden

Arbors Highlight and Frame Garden Gates

Use a Garden Arbor to grow Grapes on

Arbors Help Draw People Through a Garden

Centerpiece for Special Events

Relax and Watch Life go by with a Bench Arbor

Use a Garden Arbor to show off Flowers

Garden Arbors make Excellent Focal Points

Use a Garden Arbor to Create a Entranceway