Garden Trellis And Screening


Historically, trellis was used as a frame to grow an assortment of vines and flowering climbers upon. Trellis is derived from the French word of treillage which means latticework for supporting vines.

As well as the traditional uses for garden trellis, these days trellis can also used in a number of different ways such as providing screening, dividing up areas and other structural and visual functions within a garden. I will go into more detail below showing the different ways in which garden trellis can be used.

Divide up and Define a Area with Garden Trellis

Use Garden Trellis to Decorate a Plain Wall

Use GardenTrellis for Screening

Use Trellis to Provide Privacy and Shelter From Wind

Use Garden Trellis As a Landscape Accent

Use Trellis to Provide a Frame for Climbing Vines

As a Back Drop for Other Garden Decor

Use Trellis to add Height to a Planter Box

Add Interest and Soften a Corner

Use Trellis Panels to Soften a Fence