How To Restump Your Veranda

Are you noticing that your veranda’s floor is uneven? Restumping is the process of replacing your house’s stump with new ones. The reason why restumping is done is because your house’s old stumps may be already rotten or already damaged. This is important for your home because it can be dangerous if the stumps are already ruined because it will make the house unstable.

Since these stumps are not usually visible to home owners, they should be checked to avoid any accidents from happening. For restumping, you can hire a professional to do the work for you or you can do it if you are confident that you can do the process by yourself. Here are tips on restumping your veranda easily.

First, you have to lift the structure off the old stumps to remove the damaged ones. You can use timbers for scaffolding. Keep in mind that the scaffolding must be strong enough to carry the weight of your veranda. After putting the supports, it is now time to remove the old and damaged stumps.

For this process, you might have to dig around the stump to remove it easily. Using a pick and shovel can help you remove the dirt to loosen and remove the old stumps. After doing this, make sure that the levels of the new stumps are even. Also remember to put the new stumps in the old holes not the fresh fill dirt because the old ones are already compacted and will give you a firm and solid foundation.

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Restumping your house will make sure that your home and the floors are in level. You’ll often notice crooked or jammed windows and doors on your home or plaster cracks which will indicate that you already need to get your house restumped. While it can be a complicated process, choosing the right professionals to handle this job is important. You wouldn’t want to let someone who has no experience in this job to work on your home. Safety must be your priority when having your house or part of your house restumped.

Having cracks on your walls or uneven floors in your house and veranda is not a good sign. Unwanted accidents might happen if these problems are left unattended. That is why restumping your home is important. Even though it
might be tedious or costly, it will be worth all your money because it can give you peace of mind that everything and everyone in your house is safe.