Birds And Other Backyard Wildlife

One Element That Makes A Garden Special Is Birds And Wildlife.

Without birds, insects or other creatures, a garden lacks interest and is rather sterile. By encouraging birds and wildlife into a yard they add another dimension by introducing sound and movement as well as creating a more healthy environment for your garden by keeping pests under control.
To encourage wildlife into your landscape there are a couple of items required to make them feel at home. Like us they require food, shelter and water – provide those three items and your backyard will be teeming with wildlife.

Bird Baths

If you want birds in your backyard, having a bird bath helps. A good bird bath provides a spot for local birds to have a drink and cool off on a hot summers day. Bird baths come in every shape and color imaginable so not only do they help to attract birds, but also act as an attractive feature in their own right.

Bird Perches

When there isn’t sufficient food to be found locally in nature, birds will begin searching for another food source. Providing a regular source of food, especially during the winter months, will encourage most birds to either remain around or to return once the weather improves.

Other Backyard Wildlife

Other creatures can also make your backyard their home, including squirrels, bats and other assorted critters. If having these guys hanging around appeals to you then check out some of the items that you can get to make them feel more welcome.

Bird Houses

To attract birds and get them to stay, another essential item is a bird house. Bird houses range from the plain to the extraordinary so there will always be one to suit any taste or budget.