Garden Ponds


There are many advantages to adding a garden pond to your landscape, apart from the obvious fact that they can be visually attractive. They can also help to cool down patio and courtyard areas; provide a place to raise fish or grow interesting aquatic plants such as water lilies; when incorporated with a waterfall or fountain a garden pond creates a soothing place for relaxation; and if you have a pet it also provides a good spot to have a drink.
Below are some of the many ways that people have used garden ponds within their own backyards which might hopefully inspire you to create something similar at your own place.

Extend a Garden Pond into the Lawn

Placing a Garden Pond Near a Wall

Place a Garden Pond Near a Patio

Simple and Effective

Use Contrasting Styles

Use Rocks Around the Edge Of a Pond

Create a Contemporary Water Feature

Matching your Water Feature to Your Garden

Create a Creek in Your Backyard