Garden Planters And Pots


For most people, the first piece of garden decor they buy is either a garden planter or a simple garden pot. There is a good reason for this as garden planters are a great low cost and low risk way to add interest to a patio, a window sill or even the side of a fence.

They are also fantastic for allowing plants to be grown in areas where you can’t have an in-ground garden or where space is limited. Plus, they come in a huge variety of shapes, sizes and materials, so you can always find one that matches your tastes and your home’s style.

Below you will find ideas on the different ways that myself and other designers have used garden planters to enhance their own designs, hopefully some of these ideas will inspire you to use garden planters around your own place to make your outdoors more interesting.

Garden Planters In A Pergola Add A Classy Touch

Pergola with inbuilt garden planters

By incorporating planter boxes into this pergola it helps soften the dominance of the timber and provides a link between the pergola and the surrounding landscape.
Nice features are the decorative trellis panels which adds a touch of class and interest, another nice feature is the way the designer has used the same materials and color in the garden planters as is in the base of the decking area. As another option, instead of flowers you could plant the planter boxes up with grapes or some other climber.

Use A Garden Planter As A Feature Within A Lawn Area

Create Interest on a Corner with Garden Pottery

Using a Garden Urn as a Centerpiece Within a Courtyard

Combine Garden Planters With Other Pieces Of Garden Decor

Create Interest And Balance a Front Porch

Using Large Patio Pots To Add Interest To A Plain Wall

Add Color To A Boundary Fence with Wall Pots

Add Greenery To A Deck Area With Deck Planters

Use A Planter As Garden Art

Soften A Set Of Steps With Herb Pots And Planters

Using A Terracotta Jar Planter To Create A Focal Point

Adding Interest And Color With A Window Box Planter

Frame A Front Door Area With Wooden Planter Boxes

Use A Garden Urn As A Highlight Within The Garden

Using Ceramic Flower Pots To Add Color To Some Steps