Garden Stepping Stones


The main use of stepping stones within a landscape is as a secondary pathway either across a lawn or through a garden. What I mean by that is as a path that is not regularly used in a daily situation. For main paths a more permanent material such as concrete or cobbles should be used. Stepping stones make excellent secondary paths as they blend into the landscape unlike other hard surfacing materials which, if over used, can make a garden harsh and sterile looking. Stepping stones these days are no longer need to be simply plain slabs of stone and concrete but now come in a wide array of themes and colors ranging from flowers and insects to geometric patterns. Below are some of the ways stepping stones can be used within the the garden to not not only bring you functionality but also beauty.

Solar Stepping Stones Provide Lighting at Night

Use Stepping Stones as Inserts Within Paving

Use Stepping Stones as a Path

Link Different Garden Areas with Stepping Stones

Use Stepping Stones to Break up and add Interest to a Lawn

Use Stepping Stones Within Garden beds

Get Children Involved Within the Garden