Garden Topiary


Topiary is one of the earliest forms of garden decoration, dating back to the times of early Rome and has been used in many styles of gardens throughout the ages. There has been a strong revival of the art of Topiary within modern times and is now a sought after ingredient in many garden settings. Topiary styles can range from simple geometric shapes such as spheres, through to life sized sculptures taking any form desired, even as eclectic as a train or elephant.
Some of the main ways in which topiary are used include:
helping to reinforce the layout of formal gardens
– to define an entrance way
– to add structure to a garden, especially informal plantings
– to frame a view
– adding an element of surprise to the garden.


One of the great things about topiary is that they no longer require any great skill or knowledge to create and maintain – even the most inexperienced gardeners can care for their topiary by following some very basic gardening rules. You don’t even need a garden to enjoy topiary, a lot of specimens will live quite happily in containers on your patio or terrace for many years. Below are a selection of some of the different ways you can use topiary within your own garden.


Topiary Frame Within a Window Box

Topiary Grouped Together Works Well

Topiary Standards to Frame a Path or View

Highlight a Entrance way with Topiary Standards

Use Topiary as a Centerpiece Within a Garden

Finish of the End of a Hedge