Different Types Of Garden Wall Art


Just like indoor wall decor and art, outdoor decor comes in a wide variety of forms. From weather resistant paintings and prints, to stone plaques, through to outdoor mirrors.

There is a piece of wall art or decor for every location ,every budget and every taste.
Below are a few examples of some of the forms outdoor wall decorations can take.

Weather Proof Outdoor Wall Art


Thanks to the development of new UV protected inks and state of the art printing processes, it is now possible to recreate many of your favorite art works to hang on walls outside.

These are great to hang around your seating or dining areas – creating the real feeling of an outdoor room. There is an ever increasing range of weather resistant art available with something to suit all tastes.

Outdoor Metal Wall Art and Decor


The range of metal wall decor is staggering and not confined simply to those items created specifically for the outdoors.

Many pieces designed to go indoors can also be happily used outdoors especially if you don’t mind the look of the metal changing and aging in the weather.

Wall Numbers And Address Plaques

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Art and decor does not need to be confined to the back yard. One easy way of adding a bit of style to the front of your home is to add an elegant or colorful set of numbers which reflects your address or even a decorative plaque with your family or house name on it.

Decorative wall numbers and plaques can be added to either the front of your home, your gate, fence or letterbox. This is a inexpensive and excellent way of adding your own personal touch to what is normally a pretty mundane item.

Garden Plaques, Friezes and Reliefs


You may be wondering what the difference is between garden plaques, friezes and reliefs.

Garden plaques are what most people traditionally considered as wall art. They come in a wide variety of sizes and colors and were traditionally constructed from concrete, but these days also come in fiberglass which has been designed to mimic the look of natural stone. The real advantage of fiberglass is that you get the look of stone without the weight issues that normally come with concrete, this is especially true on larger pieces.

Friezes are constructed in the same way as garden plaques with the main difference being that friezes normally depict a scene, usually something with a historical flavor or an architectural pattern. Friezes are also usually defined as being a long rectangular shape as opposed to the more square shape of a plaque.

A relief is a sculptured artwork where a modeled form is raised or lowered from the surrounding material, adding depth and shadow, as shown in the lion plaque above. What I like about reliefs is the added depth which is created by the extra shadows that are cast due to the three dimensional nature of the relief. This tends to create a more interesting feature that can be used in different ways around the garden, for example as a water spout for a water feature. Reliefs are also constructed of similar materials to garden plaques and friezes.

Outdoor Mirrors

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Garden mirrors provide a quick, easy and cost effective way of adding extra light and depth to your garden. A correctly placed placed garden mirror can give the illusion of space, make a smaller area look larger and give the impression of spaciousness.

Mirrors can also reflect light back into a dark part of a garden as well as bring colors to dull area if you choose one with a colorful frame. If you want to use a mirror outside make sure you have sealed the back of the mirror to stop moisture from getting in, alternatively you can purchase a mirror specifically designed for your place.