Garden Wall Fountains


Adding a wall fountain to a garden is an excellent way of bringing water and sound to an urban landscape. One of the main advantages of wall fountains are their compact size. They either sit up against or are attached to a wall, thus don’t protrude out onto paths or garden areas and take up a lot of space. This can be especially important when your garden is quite small. Similar to wall art, wall fountains provide interest to a blank wall with the added bonus of adding cooling in summer to the surrounding areas by adding moisture into the air. Like all water features, wall fountains provide a spot for pets and wildlife to have a welcome drink of water and get some relief on a hot summers day.


Below are some of the ways wall fountains have been incorporated other people’s gardens, so have a look as you may get some ideas for your own place.


Create a Slate Wall Fountain out of a Raised Garden

Use a Outdoor Wall Fountain to Provide Cooling to a Patio

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Create a Wall Fountain out of a Low Garden Wall

Using a Blank Wall to show off your Wall Water Feature

Adding a Wall Fountain Spout or Spitter to a Existing Wall

Match the Wall Fountain to the Style of your Garden

Using a Bird Bath Fountain to Create a Wall Fountain Feature