Garden Waterfalls


Waterfalls come in all sizes from raging torrents of water to gentle trickles. There are pre-made molded waterfall kits you can buy but in most cases, a waterfall is constructed on site to create the look or feel you are after.

Most waterfalls are usually created as part of a garden pond, this helps to aerate the pond and stop it going stagnant as well as providing movement and noise. Ponds also provide a reservoir so that the water can be pumped back to the top of the waterfall.

This is how the majority of waterfalls are created but there are exceptions such as pondless waterfalls.These are especially good if you have young children around as the water reservoir for the pump is hidden making the water feature safer for kids.

Below are some examples I have put together showing different styles of waterfalls which I think have been well created and look really effective.

Artificial Garden Waterfalls

Small boulders at the Bottom Create Sound and Movement

Creating a Pleasing Effect with Repetition

Simple Plantings Around Water Feature can be Effective

Creating a Garden Waterfall with Split Stone

Creating a Gentle Garden Stream

Using Large Rocks For Realism

A Small waterfall can be Effective

A Garden Waterfall as a Stand Alone Feature

Creating a Gentle Garden Stream

Use a Flat Rock to Give More Flow