Weather Elements

Have You Ever Considered Adding A Weather Element Or Two To Your Garden?

There are some real advantages about doing so – they can help you feel closer to nature and help you to understand how the weather controls and affects your garden. They also provide a great opportunity to introduce your children to science in a fun and interesting way.
Apart from the functional aspect, most weather elements, such as the sundial on the right, can be a real focal point in your garden adding interest as they interact with nature. Below is a summary of some of the many items that fall under the weather element category so if you see something that interests you, click on a link on the left to see more examples of that item or have a look under categories for detailed list of all the weather elements that are available.


There are a huge selection of thermometers out there ranging from the functional to the frivolous. Most are designed for outdoor use so you will always be able to know what the temperature is in your garden.


As well as telling the time and often the date, these also provide a interesting structural element to the garden. Sundials come in many designs and can be either wall mounted or on a standalone pedestal.

Rain Gauges

Rain gauges are perfect for letting you know how much rain has fallen lately and letting you know if your garden might be in need of watering. They don’t have to be dull either as this example shows.

Rain Chains

Rain chains are a decorative alternative to downpipes originating in Japan. Rain chains also help add sound and movement to your garden as well as performing the same function as your down pipes, but with a lot more visual appeal.

Weather Vanes

When it comes to determining which way the wind is blowing nothing beats a weather vane. With so many different styles, sizes, and shapes of weather vanes there is one to fit any taste.

Wind Chimes

Windchimes are excellent for adding sound and movement to your garden and creating an environment to relax in. Most online shops provide a sound recording of each wind chime so you can be sure of getting the one you want.